N A S H V I L L E  |  T E N N E S S E E 

Tim Duggan is a photographer I met in Nashville. He is one of the creatives in our city that make it so unique. Tim headed all of the album photography for my debut record, An Introduction. He took all of the pictures on film and did some amazing things with them. Check out Tim's website and look at his art- it is truly inspiring.



K N O X V I L L E  |  T E N N E S S E E 

Videographer & Photographer, Travis Fruge captured the artist collective, Kindred on the road throughout the month of October. I had the privilege of getting to explore part of the South East with Travis. Not only is he a creative and talented photographer, he is a great person with an incredible, serving heart. A documentary, filmed by Travis, is currently in the works to be premiered in 2015 featuring Kindred. 







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Zack Arp

L Y N C H B U R G  |  V I R G I N I A 


Zack Arp is an amazing human and photographer I met in Lynchburg, VA on the Kindred tour. He travels the world and takes incredible photos. I was completely blown away by who Zack is and how quickly we became friends. We (Kindred) snuck into a warehouse in downtown Lynchburg and took pictures. Follow him on instagram because his adventures are worth keeping up with. Also,  check out his portfolio online through the button below. 


J A C K S O N V I L L E  |  F L O R I D A

I met Jonathan in Jacksonville at the Kindred show. He is a photographer, journalist, publicist and world traveler. We immediately connected through our shared interest in traveling, exploring, music and our shared introverted-ness. He is funny, genuine, extremely talented and passionate. I admire him for how he chases his dreams and the way he displays his art. After getting back from Germany with Corey and before leaving for his next tour, he spent a few days in Nashville where we explored downtown and took some pictures. 

Sam Pinkerton (Jan 2015)-1.jpg


N U R E M B U R G  |  G E R M A N Y


Cami is a brilliant, young photographer I originally met in Nashville. She photographed my dear friend, Liza Anne's release show February 2014 at The High Watt in Nashville featuring Aliza Carter Band and myself. She is now in Germany, traveling the world capturing so many beautiful people and moments. Check out her work.


N A S H V I L L E  |  T E N N E S S E E

Chris is a friend from Nashville, who continuously comes to my shows and perfectly captures my performances. Below are photos from 8 off 8th at Mercy Lounge in Nashville and the album release show at The Rutledge.