ElectricitY - DECEMBER 2016


A Valentine's EP

Sam Pinkerton New Release - February 12, 2016


"Melancholy is an emotion I tend to associate with lyrically driven bands -- The Cure, The National, Bright Eyes, etc. It's not that an artist can't sound melancholy with just their instruments; it's just a lot easier to utilize language than to capture an emotion in purely sonic terms... the somber swell of Pinkerton's strings creates a vast world of loneliness and yearning. It's gorgeous, and it's worth taking the time to immerse yourself in this textured sonic landscape. " - BAEBLE MUSIC

A Story In Parts

“A Story in Parts” is as it is named. It is the heartbreaking moment of losing love and losing your mind. Each of the six parts meld together to create one twenty minute musical novella - weaving you in and out of one’s exploration of doubt, self examination, realization and healing. Between the honesty, breaks in   melody and every form of intricate instrumentation, unique to Pinkerton as an artist, you will be entangled deeper into this unapologetic falling out. Together, each piece creates one art form that will wholeheartedly break your heart as you relive the tale part by part. Journey through Sam Pinkerton’s “A Story in Parts” and discover a new way to listen to music.  Sign up to the email list below to be the first to hear about the release.

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Listen to Sam Pinkerton's debut record from 2013, An Introduction, on Spotify, Soundcloud, or purchase on iTunes.

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Sam Pinkerton, a writer of stories and songs, originally from Venice Beach, Florida, moved to Nashville, TN to establish herself as an independent songwriter & singer. In 2012, Pinkerton began her solo career and recorded her first record titled, An Introduction. The LP holds featured songs, Stay Here, I Will Never Fall in Love with You, Calling You Out, and debut single, Falling For You. From the first to the last, these eleven songs will captivate you until the last word. In February 2015 Pinkerton released her second project, A Story in Parts, a six-part musical novella. 

Her most recent releases, Strangers, (June 2016) & Electricity, (December 2016) trails Pinkerton's new sound. More to come in 2019. 


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